Our Mission

Our mission at Gorge HR is to be your partner in crafting the development and growth of your company’s Human Resource support and infrastructure needs. We are excited and grateful at the opportunity to help identify solutions and answers to your biggest asset (and sometimes biggest challenge), PEOPLE!


We want to be your first call when the “HR mess” hits the fan, and we also want to be your first call when you're deciding new compensation plans, handbook updates, and training and development opportunities.

Gabi Stonecypher

Chief Geek/Senior HR Consultant

Gabi brings over 15 years of geeky, HR experience to Gorge HR. Her passion for helping small businesses really shines in benefit plan design, manager and employee coaching and development, training and strategic planning.


She has a varied, industry background and more specialized experience in cannabis, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, architecture and financial services. 


Gabi is a lover of the Pacific Northwest, pups (especially doodles), the best coffee, tea, food and kombucha around and Gorge HR, of course. 


Maya Knoles

Geek/ HR Generalist

Maya is a lover of all things HR! Her passion lies with helping employees feel valued and heard, and helping managers understand how to create a sustainable practice around that.


Maya moved to the PNW from CA to be able to be a part of the ever-growing community and beautiful scenery. She is a practicing vegetarian and an outdoor enthusiast.

Internal Open Positions

 Our goal is to have an open dialog about your career and goals from the start, so we can focus your training in the areas that are meaningful to you. We like to put you on the path to grow and be promoted within our organization. We recognize that folks don't stay at companies long these days but it is our hope that with a career path clearly identified, we will retain you as employees and both the company and your career will benefit


Senior Onsite Generalist


Consultant Team Manager


Senior Consultant