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Employee Relations

Have you ever heard someone say that employees are the hardest part of running a business? We offer coaching, facilitation, and navigation through employee relation issues.

We want to help you build your performance and talent management plan out to become more than just a review completed once a year.


Gorge HR will consult, develop and implement your company’s talent management practices with optimal engagement and retention in mind.

Performance Management

Handbooks & Policies

Your handbook and company policies are intended to set the tone for the company’s culture, expectations and practices. Since each company is vastly different, we provide review and custom development of your handbook and policies, while maintaining compliancy

Benefit  & Payroll Administration

Gorge HR understands the importance of solid benefit and payroll administration and how quickly things can get out of hand.


We offer administration of these services by either partnering with your current payroll provider and insurance broker or connecting you with one of our trusted partners.

Manager Training

If culture starts with leadership, a rockin’ culture must start with rockin’ leadership! We believe that investing in people and giving them the tools they need to be successful will directly impact the efficiency and culture of your company.


Gorge HR currently offers in-person, virtual, pre-recorded, 1:1 and group training options on harassment awareness, performance management, protected leaves, HIPAA and handbook and file compliance development.

Job Descriptions

Employees want to know three things:

1. What’s expected of me?

2. Is what I’m doing meaningful? and 3. Am I doing a good job?

Having a job description serves many purposes starting with being a great foundation of communication to the employees, setting expectations for performance and knowing where responsibilities lie within the company.


We offer review and development of your company’s job descriptions for completion and compliance.


Recruitment is more than just finding a person with the right job experience. It’s identifying candidates which have a combination of experience and company core value alignment. We believe this is key to a long-term employment relationship.


Gorge HR can help with job description development, creating job ad’s, application screening questions, phone and in-person interviews.

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