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Our Process FAQ

What is the process for working with Gorge HR?

  1. You make the first move! Call, email, or cut straight to it and schedule a time to chat.

  2. During the initial exploratory call, we'll learn about your HR support needs and interests.

  3. After you select the plan option that works best for your organization, we plan the kick-off call.

  4. During our kick-off call with you and your team to line out our strategy and plan.

  5. Plan developed! We get started making your HR plan a reality!

How long does it take?

​It depends. Your location, size, industry, and goals for your employee experience. 


Our Approach

  • Love your job…most days. 

  • Take initiative.

  • Lead by example by displaying a professional, positive

  • demeanor every day.

  • Provide exceptional value by being present, engaged, and getting ahead of current and pending client needs.

  • Show up consistently, on time, ready to work, and excited to be here.

  • Exercise patience and helpfulness to both employees and clients always.

  • Go the extra mile to assist clients, when possible and legally possible to do so.

  • Practice a default of charitable assumption.

  • Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Where do we start?

During the kick-off call, we work with you to create a plan - sort of like the blueprints for a home. With those blueprints, we start with the foundation. This includes the policies and procedures, job descriptions, performance and development programs, compensation practices, talent acquisition onboarding, offboarding, safety, and training.


Once we have the foundation established for your people operations, we start on the next phase - training your team on the new policies and procedures. Woot, woot! 

Are there any agreements I need to know about?

Yes. All engagements with Gorge HR require the acknowledgment and acceptance of our Gorge HR Consulting Services Agreement prior to engagement.

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