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Our Process FAQ

What is the process for working with Gorge HR?

  1. Select a package.

  2. Buy your package.

  3. Complete New Client Questionnaire.

  4. Schedule a meeting with Gorge HR.

  5. Gorge HR begins work on your selected package.

How long does it take?

​It depends on your package selection and how quickly we receive your New Client Questionnaire.


The Foundation Package

  • You will receive the following tools within one week of receipt of your completed New Client Questionnaire:

    • Job Description Template

    • Record Retention Guide

    • Onboarding Guide

    • Offboarding Guide

    • General Safety

    • Safe & Comfortable Workplace Training

  • Handbooks typically take approximately 1 to 2 weeks depending on our current workload.

The Base and Plus Package

  • Due to the customization of the development for these two plans, completion time will vary depending on the size of the client and location(s). We anticipate this process taking anywhere between 30 to 90 days.​

  • We are able to prioritize elements of this process, if necessary, to meet urgent needs such as preparing for a new hire.

Are there any agreements I need to know about?

Yes. All engagements with Gorge HR require the acknowledgment and acceptance of our Gorge HR Consulting Services Agreement prior to payment. This agreement can be located here:

Gorge HR Consulting Services Agreement

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