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Need to hire an HR Geek?


Are you winging your People Operations practices?
Do you feel anxious about the unknown purple monster lurking in the shadows of your People Operations or does it look like Frankenstein's monster?
Are you inadvertently eroding trust, engagement, and retention in your team while wasting precious resources Googling it? 
We get it! This is how we can help... 

We provide... so you can experience peace of mind knowing you are in compliance and providing your best...
Attracting awesome talent to join your team.
Retaining the hard-earned talent you've found and kept so far.
Engagement and enrichment strategies and tools.
Communication across diverse work environments. 
Federal and state compliance and best practices. 


Who Is Gorge HR?


We are...

A dynamic team of HR Geeks ready to learn and share our HR knowledge with you


We are...

Inspired by your continued dedication to building your business and taking good care of your people.


We are...

Empathic to your struggles and successes and look forward to walking side-by-side with you through it.


We are...

Curious about your “One day…” wishlist, what keeps you up at night, your industry standards, and your company culture so we can strategize the most feasible options for your success.


We are...

Nimble to the inevitable and constant changes innate to operating a business and flex accordingly to your business needs.


We are...

Fun and funny! Working with people and their intricacies calls for a decent sense of humor and levity. We do a pretty good job maintaining a high frequency - especially in those seemingly hopeless moments. 

We are excited to start our journey with you and your business!

"One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Do it now.” 

- Paulo Coelho -

Ready to start your growth journey?

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